Rooftop Sessions: This = Love

The winner of the final week of #ispyhorizons was Instagram user @paigee277 and her cover choice was “This = Love” by The Script. Thanks for picking a great song! Hope you all enjoy! -Kris

#ispyhorizons – week 3

For the 3rd and final week of #ispyhorizons, I want to know what 3 numbers open the briefcase in one of the last “give me a chance” moments in the lyric video. (Hint: the answer won’t be as obvious as it might look.) This week I’m going to double up on the previous rewards and… Read more »

#ispyhorizons – week 2

Hey guys, time to play “I spy” again with the “Prove It to You” lyric video. This week involves a few scrabble moves. If “van” was already on the board, what would be the combined score of the words in the scrabble lyric (in order) in the second chorus? To ease some confusion, don’t include… Read more »

Rooftop Sessions: How Long Will I Love You

The reward for this weeks #ispyhorizons winner was a song cover of his or her choice and I’m so glad this song was chosen because I had never heard of it before and now I absolutely love it. Thanks to @J2Mo for participating and picking a great song!


Hey guys, let’s play “I Spy” with the “Prove It to you” lyric video. For the next few weeks, I will be posting a question related to the lyric video and asking for creative answers in photo-form. Each week I will pick one winner for a special prize. Let’s start with an easy one. This… Read more »

About the “Prove It to You” Lyric Video

I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little about the making of the lyric video for my new single. “Prove It to You” is above all a message to someone. My idea for the video was to explore different ways that we leave messages for each other… from a note passed at… Read more »

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